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Reciprocal Erotic massage
For Woman

Erotic massage Reciprocal For Woman

Discover a new and unprecedented approach to pleasure where you can experience sensuality in its purest form and eroticism in its sublime and divine dimensions.

After having received your naturist body-to-body massage and having been guided for a global sublimation of your energies, you will rediscover the erogenous zones of the female body thanks to an exceptional initiation into the art of sensuality which will amplify your empathy and your inuition thanks to delicate and affectionate reciprocal caresses.

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190 € / 90 min

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  • Develops emotional empathy and sensual intuition
  • Awakens a form of eroticism that is both intense and refined
  • Reveals the mysteries of your body and its erogenous zones
  • Amplifies your femininity and feminine qualities through a complex process of assimilation and receptivity
  • Increases your self-confidence, power of attraction, sensuality and vitality
  • Improves the ability to control and expands your erotic energy

Our Prices

With two hands (with one masseuse)
1h 1h 30' 2h
160 € 190 €
240 €
235 €
320 €

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