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Reciprocal Erotic massage
For Man

Erotic massage Reciprocal For Man

Discover a new and exquisite approach to pleasure in which sensuality manifests in its purest form and eroticism in its sublime and godly dimensions.

First, you will enjoy a wonderful nude body-to-body massage which also aims to refine your sensual states and lead you to a peaceful bliss. Then, you will discover the erogenous zones of the woman's body thanks to an exceptional initiation into the art of sensuality which will amplify your empathy and your intuition through the reciprocal, delicate and affectionate  caresses.


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330 € / 90 min

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  • Amplifies your virility and masculine qualities through a complex process of polarization
  • Increases your empathy and emotional openness
  • Allows you to awaken and amplify your erotic energy
  • Increases your self-confidence, magnetism, charisma and vitality
  • Improves the ability to control and expand your erotic energy

Enjoy it with 4 hands

Our four-handed naturist massage (two masseuses) will double your pleasure.

Double intensity, double passion but not only that. This massage will increase your ability to control and expand your huge awakened energies in your entire body.

During this massage, all the benefits of erotic massage are maximum!

Additional benefits

Reconnects you to your archetypal virility and your sacred masculinity

Enhances the ability to control and expand your erotic energy

Deeply harmonizes your physical, energetic, emotional and mental structure

Our Prices

With two hands (with one masseuse)
1h 1h 30' 2h 2h 30' 3h
290 € 330 €
435 €
370 €
580 €
430 €
725 €
480 €
870 €
Four hands (with two masseuses)
1h 1h 30' 2h 2h 30' 3h
480 € 560 €
720 €
590 €
960 €
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