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Reciprocal Erotic massage
For Couple

Erotic massage Reciprocal For Couple

Access the heavenly universe of your couple through divine eroticism. More than a massage, it is a true initiatory journey towards self-discovery that will help each partner reconnect to their sacred dimension and to manifest all of their divine qualities.

After receiving your massage and having been guided for a total sublimation of your energies, everyone will be initiated in the mysteries of nudity and the art of tantric massage by the means of reciprocal caresses performed between each of the partners and their sensual masseuse.
If you choose to have the massage in the same room with your partner, the very well trained professional masseuses will unveil a new dimension of your beloved. Your couple will be enriched with new perspectives on intimacy and erotic energy exchange. This may trigger a rediscovery of your beloved and an enhance of passion in your couple.

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400 € / 90 min

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  • Amplifies the masculine or feminine qualities through a complex process of polarization
  • Develops orgasmic potential and improves the ability to control and expand sexual energies for each partner
  • Fully develops your empathy and emotional openness
  • Multiplies and alchemizes the awakened erotic energies which will be directed on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
  • Amplifies the magnetism and charisma of the couple
  • Stimulates the production of oxytocin which helps rekindle the pleasure and desire to be together

Our Prices

Four hands (with two masseuses)
1h 1h 30' 2h
380 € 400 €
570 €
450 €
760 €

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