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Recommended oils for your tantric massage

Recommended oils for your tantric massage

To amplify the benefits of our erotic and sensual massage, we have selected the best massage oils and essential oils. The essential oils from our erotic massage center Toucher Divin in Antibes have an aphrodisiac, purifying and relaxing effect, ideal for stimulating erotic desire and enhancing your well-being.

The oils we offer for your erotic massage

We mainly use coconut oil as base oil. These oils can be mixed (if you wish and according to your preferences or your needs) with certain essential oils with aphrodisiac, calming, regenerating, heating or refreshing effects.

It is important to use very good quality massage oils that provide hydration, rejuvenation and softness to your skin. Here is a list of the main essential oils that we use to amplify the beneficial effects of our erotic massage:

  • Bergamot for its aphrodiasiac effect which stimulates libido and has purifying, relaxing and soothing properties.
  • Tea Tree for its antioxidant benefits, for its antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties.
  • Cinnamon for its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a general tonic and amplifies the libido.
  • Grapefruit for its invigorating virtues which trigger optimism and good humor as well as its delicate, fresh and fruity fragrance.
  • Lavender for its regenerative, soothing and balancing properties for the nervous system. It relieves muscle contractures, rheumatism and cramps.
  • Sweet Orange for its relaxing and rebalancing virtues which provide deep well-being.
  • Mint for its refreshing, tonic, stimulating and invigorating effect on the body and mind.
  • Honeysuckle for its relaxing, purifying and antibiotic properties.
  • Lemon for its stimulating, digestive and antioxidant properties, its deliciously fruity and tangy scent.

During your privileged moment, your Toucher Divin tantric masseuse pours the massage oil in her palm and performs slow and enveloping movements on all areas of the body and on the chakras (essential vital energy centers) in particular.

If you come on foot from the old town in the direction of the Antibes Archaeological Museum, the easiest way is to choose the route Bd Albert 1 to Place Général de Gaulle, after which advance another 250m in the direction of the station on Av. Robert Soleau, time at which you're already intersecting Av. Tournelle, passing by the Postcard Museum, from where you can already see the western body of our building.


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